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This website hosts the tkhtml.tcl.tk project, an experiment in creating modern web browser components based on the Tcl/Tk platform. Currently this consists of two pieces of software and their accompanying documentation:

Hv3 Hv3 is a cross-platform web browser with support for modern web standards like HTML, CSS, HTTP and ECMAScript (a.k.a. javascript).
Tkhtml3 Tkhtml3 is a Tk widget that displays content formatted according to the HTML and CSS standards. Tkhtml3 is not an end-user application, it is for Tcl programmers who wish to embed a standards-compliant HTML/CSS implementation in their applications.

There is a mailing list for Hv3 and Tkhtml3 hosted by Google Groups. You can join the mailing list, view the archive and post new messages by clicking here:

The Tkhtml3/Hv3 mailing list

Bug reports, enhancement requests and the project changelog are managed by a CVStrac installation. There is also a wiki where users can contribute content. Access CVStrac here:

CVSTrac - Bug reports, Enhancement requests, Changelog and Wiki


  • A paper describing Tkhtml3 (www.tcl.tk) was presented at the 2006 Tcl conference. Even though it is a little out of date, this is the best general introduction to Tkhtml3 programming available. Prospective users should read this paper for a general overview, then proceed to the tkhtml(n) man page to absorp the details.
  • An early requirements specification from way back in 2005. This is no longer really relevant, but it's amusing in it's own way.

Source Code

The source code for Tkhtml3 and Hv3 is bundled together as a single project for source code management purposes. It can be obtained either by downloading a release tarball, or via anonymous CVS.

Download the source code for the latest release (alpha 16).

Or to obtain the lastest source-code from cvs, use the following procedure (from an x-term or command prompt):

  1. Log in with the following command:
    cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@tkhtml.tcl.tk:/tkhtml login
  2. You will be prompted for a password. Use "anonymous".
  3. Obtain the lastest version 3 source code:
    cvs -d :pserver:anonymous@tkhtml.tcl.tk:/tkhtml checkout htmlwidget


tkhtml.tcl.tk is an open-source project, and so requires community participation to succeed. All are welcome! Here are some of the ways you can participate:
Using Hv3 Download Hv3 and browse the web with it for a while. Report any bugs, problems or incompatibilities that you encounter. Make some suggestions for improvements.
Using Tkhtml3 Write a program that uses Tkhtml3, or embed it into an existing program. Comment on your experience doing so and report any bugs.
Join The Mailing List Join the Tkhtml3/Hv3 mailing list hosted at Google Groups to discuss Tkhtml3 or Hv3.
Help Out With The Website As you can see, the website isn't up to much at the moment (ironic eh?). If you would like to help change that, or if you can help by building a mac osx build, please get in touch.
Join The Development Team If you can program in C, Tcl or javascript, then you are welcome to join the development team. Pick an aspect of Tkhtml3 or Hv3 you want to improve, post a message to the mailing list, and go from there.


It is best to join the mailing list and post messages there. That way there is an archive of the message. Alternatively, you can send mail to one of the following contacts:

danielk1977@gmail.com (Dan - current maintainer)
drh@hwaci.com (Richard)